At present, there are 13 schools located in 4 different provinces;

Prachinburi,Sakaeo,Saraburi and Nakhon Rachasima or Korat in local name

Under the administration led by Dr. Salit Butnain, the previous senator of Thailand Pachinburi area in 2014 with the highly qualified administrators and professional teachers and staff of Saimit Group.

Saimit International Group has been offering qualified education in Two levels:

Compulsory Lavel, the combination of

-       Kindergarten 1 to 3

-       Elementary 1 to 6

-       Junior High School and High School (Grade 7 to Grade 12)

Vocational Level, the combination of

-       Business School: there are Computer, Accounting and Retail Management

-       Industrial School: there are Automotive and Electrical Mechanics

Saimit Curriculum is being instructed in two programs which are Regular program and Bilingual program or we basically call EP, Learning in Thai English and Chinese

We follow the founders Philosophy and concept


-       A center of Academic excellence and relevant skills and Competencies for holistic development


1.   Integrated curriculum

2.   Use English through all subjects

3.   Evolution

4.   Use ICT/Digital/ Material

Objective 1. Global change

2. Competition to all country

3. Key success through digital

Strategy    1. Make English easy

Use English all day (in + out Classroom)

    In use English through all subject

    Out speak English to everyone

See Do Touch think in English by myself


See Do Touch

Talk to everyone English


     The School created activities and projects related to the SCHOOL CULTURE 3-4-5

3 Kind words

Greetings Thank You Im Sorry in Thai, English, Chinese and other ASEAN languages.



5 Good Deeds

Line up Hands Up Keep Garbage Keep Environment Voluntary Mind

On the 21st of May 2016, Saimit Group has successfully sent the first batch of students and teachers to New Zealand in Auckland. There were 5 students and 2 teachers who were immersed to Westlake Boys and Girls High school. And in September the second batch of students followed.  This was the very first experience for Saimit Group to send students and teachers to study abroad. The awe-inspiring experience of both students and teachers has contributed to the continuing expansion of the program.

To date, Saimit International Schools Group has Thai scholars that include teachers and students exchange with their Filipino counterparts. This is in lieu of the need to be globally competitive has called for an English Program which are being offered in selected schools in Saimit International Schools Group which are managed and staffed by Filipino professional educators.

Saimit has been sending students and teachers to the Philippines to experience cultural and English language immersion. These students and teachers from Saimit group were deployed by batch to study in some Government and private schools in the Philippines. 

In February 2018, Benguet State University –International Language Center in La Trinidad Benguet, Province has trained 2 Thai teachers for a month.

On the 1st of March 2018, Loakan Baptist School in Baguio City has accepted 8 students and 1 teacher. This was the 1st batch of students.

In April, the 2nd batch with 9 students and 1 teacher were deployed at Benguet State University in La Trinidad Benguet.

They attended one-month immersion program. This program included classroom settings, scouting or camping and cultural activities of Benguet province.  Feedback from teachers and students helped Saimit International School Group to consider some adjustments for the next batches of trainees to be deployed in the near future. A good suggestion is for the students and teachers to attend a pre-departure orientation about the Philippines for them to adjust themselves when they stay in the country.

Saimit never stops aiming for the ASEAN partnership thus, it intends to broaden its program and send students and teachers to Cambodia and neighboring countries in the future.

Saimit never stops aiming for the ASEAN partnership thus, it intends to broaden its program and send students and teachers to Cambodia and neighboring countries in the future

The school train students to be responsible and to be a good citizen. Both teachers and students give importance to cleanliness in and outside the school campus.

Saimit students observe proper waste disposal or garbage management; REDUCE/REUSE/RECYCLE

DRINKING WATER PROJECT has trained students to drink clean water using their own bottles and avoid drinking soft drinks and colas.

Saimit prachinburi technology college for 40 years that our saimit group was born, our anticipation is for making and developing a kingdom of local children to be good as for equal as a formants school

From the beginning of our education, and year 2000 we start the technology college for supporting theindustrial growth level in our province, so we focus on the next generation that consistent with Thailand economy

From the continuing of developing of us, so we got so many awards with academic and moral she as

1.        O-net 100% in English subject of grade 6.

2.        The winner of Thailand about Thai poem.

3.        The be



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